A Truly Unique Landscape

Namibia is best described as a country with an abundance of space… Its vast landscapes open to cloudless skies which procure a sensation of immensity, emphasized by the dryness of its climate: it is the 5th largest country in Africa, and the driest at the South of the Sahara.


Its moon-like landscapes make us believe that life doesn’t exist but what a mistake! Life is there, from the desert-adapted elephants to the strange plants called Welwitschia, not forgetting the Himba tribe – one of the last nomad people. It is home to the oldest desert in the world: The Namib. Namibia invites you to discover its unique personality.





Summer (November to March) is the rainy season mostly in the northern part of the country with hot weather inland (cool nights) and pleasant temperatures along the coast.

Winter (April to October) is the dry season; temperatures are moderate during the day and the nights are cold. The sea is also cool in the south of the country and there is often fog on the coast



International flights from Europe to Windhoek with Lufthansa and Air Namibia and Walvis Bay (30km from Swakopmund) from South Africa as well. Qatar have recently begun services to Windhoek.



Points of interest of this country would be Windhoek, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Twyfelfontein, the Damaraland and the Namib Desert, Sossusvlei & Deadvlei.


No vaccination is compulsory. We recommend an anti-tetanus vaccination.

It is also recommended to get Hepatitis B and a rabies vaccination, as well as malaria treatment (for the North, Etosha, Kaokoland and the Caprivi strip between October and February).



Since its Independence in 1990, English is the official language. 50% of the population speaks Oshivambo and Otjiherero (both from the Bantou Group). The Damara and Nama are very often spoken in families,

A lot of people are speaking German and Afrikaans



Namibian Dollar (100 cents) equals the South African Rand, which is accepted in the country



Passport valid 6 months after return date plus 3 blank pages. Contact the Namibian consulate for information regarding Visa.



Always appreciated if the service is good too. We recommend USD5 per day per person for the guide and USD3 for the driver. In lodges for the staff of the lodge: USD10 per person for your stay.

We pride ourselves on creating personalised tours that cater for particular interests, tastes, needs and budgets. We do, however, recommend certain itineraries above others as some routes, hotels and destinations are simply better than the alternatives.


Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls Self Drive (18 Days)